Thursday, October 17, 2013

Do You Know the History Behind the Name ‘Washington Redskins’?

Do you know the history of the Washington Redskins? As the issue becomes increasingly contentious — with many claiming the name is racist or discriminatory and pushing for a change — Glenn Beck tackled the issue head-on Friday.
“Ninety percent of Native Americans feel that the name isn’t offensive and shouldn’t be changed,” Beck remarked, echoing a letter written by the Redskins owner Dan Snyder to fans. “Students at primarily Native American schools all across America wear the name with pride, and say now they’re afraid they might lose the name. At Kingston Oklahoma high school, which is 58 percent Native American, the name ‘Redskins’ has been worn by its students for 104 years. In fact, ‘Redskins’ was a name first used by Native Americans.”
In 1932, the NFL team moved to the historic Fenway Park and were left under the leadership of George Preston Marshall. The very next year, Marshall changed the name to ‘Redskins.’ Why?” Beck continued. “Well that’s a good question for the president to ask … the name was changed to ‘Redskins’ to honor then-coach Lone Star Dietz, an American Sioux. So the name actually pays tribute to a great people.”
Switching to a deeply sarcastic voice, imitating those who want the name changed, Beck remarked: “But the people it pays tribute to? Oh, I guess they just don’t know any better. But Obama does. And Peter King does. And NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell does. But the majority of the Indians don’t have a clue at all. The speech police using political correctness again to take care of these helpless, hopeless people so they are never harmed again. It’s for their own good…”
And while we're at it what about the other NFL teams like the "Cleveland Browns" I think every African American should be outraged over that one, and how about the Miami Dolphins" and The Seattle Seahawks" where is PETA when you need them?

I think we should re-name the "Washington Redskins" to something more closely identified with DC like the "Washington A-Holes" that's my vote.

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